Me recently

Long time, I haven't update my blog because of the tight schedule. I will from now on.


Where I take a rest

This is where I take a rest and say pray before I fall asleep

my study

my study


Stand Proud

This picture reminds me of standing proud and don't be succumbed to the evil.


My role model

Every time I feel down by whatsoever reasons; I always think that why I am so weak. How can I survive the down feeling? One of the way out is looking at my heroine- Aungsan Suu Kyi


The Last Exam of the Last Day of the Year

Today I've just passed the research prospectus defensive exam. Thanks god. I can concentrate with my research from now on. Thanks Eun Seok for his help.




One of the proudest experience of mine is that I am selected as translator by senior professors to translate for the Manusya Journal. This journal is an international journal of Chulalongkorn Univerity.

Translation is one of my favourite jobs.